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18 November 2019Wonders of the Roman Empire - Off Limits
21 October 2019Edouard Manet - Rebel in a Frockcoat
16 September 2019'Debo' - Mitford, Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire and 'Housewife'
17 June 2019The Art of Partying - A Feast for the Eyes.
20 May 2019Caravaggio. Murderer or Genius?
15 April 2019The Harp in Art, History and Music (Including a Live Performance)
18 March 2019Tulip Mania in 17th Century Holland
18 February 2019The Art of Peter Bruegel the Elder Peasant Pastimes?
21 January 2019Mad Men and the Artists - how the advertising industry has exploited fine art.
19 November 2018io Saturnalia - Happy Christmas the Roman Way!
15 October 2018Annual General Meeting followed by: Zaha Hadid- Architectural Superstar
17 September 2018The Chapel of the Magi, Medici Palace, Florence, frescoed by Gozzoli
18 June 2018Food and Art Through the Ages: From Renaissance Sugar Sculpture to 3D Printing
21 May 2018Cartoonery: English Attitudes
16 April 2018250 years of the Royal Academy
19 March 2018Historic Gardens of the Italian Lakes
26 February 2018DAYTIME LECTURE: Emery Walker and the Arts and Crafts Movement
19 February 2018Vermeer and the Lute
15 January 2018A Passion for Fashion
20 November 2017The Inventors of Christmas
16 October 2017Annual General Meeting, followed by: The Covent Garden Piazza from Inigo Jones to Bernard Shaw
18 September 2017Jane Austen: Letters, Life and Lesser-known works, with Sketches and Water Colours
19 June 2017 The Two Gustavs: Mahler and Klimt

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Wonders of the Roman Empire - Off Limits Sam Moorehead Monday 18 November 2019

Sam is the National Finds Adviser for Iron Age and Roman Coins at the British Museum. He is an experienced lecturer, writer and archaeologist concentrating on Roman and early Medieval Period. His many books include 'The Romans who shaped Britain' and '31BC Antony and Cleopatra and the Fall of Egypt'. 

Recent turmoil in much of the Near East and North Africa means that many of the most impressive sites in the Roman Empire can no longer be visited. Sam Moorhead was privileged to have been able to work and travel in parts of the Eastern Mediterranean which are now too dangerous to explore – in fact, he was in Syria in March 2011 when the civil war began. This lecture will provide an outline of Roman activity in the region, focussing on cities which have been largely destroyed (for example Hatra in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria), sites which have been heavily looted (Apamaea and Dura Europus in Syria), and places which are now too dangerous to visit (Leptis Magna and Cyrene in Libya). Some of finest architecture, sculpture and mosaics from the Roman world will be presented, highlighting both the richness of eastern Roman culture and the lives of the people who lived in these exotic places.